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The Big T-W-O

Despite being cold and wet the day before, the day of Will’s second birthday party was perfect outdoor barbecue weather.  We kept it small, with three of Will’s friends and their parents, plus my in-laws who were staying with us for a week. It was a great afternoon.

Fairy bread. With the exception of two slices, Will ate the entire plate of it before we realised what was happening. This was the last slice, disappearing down the hatch!

Will’s face lit up when he saw the cake. Not sure whether it was the digger or the chocolate but he sure was happy!

Yes, this happened. And yes, like any good mother I grabbed the camera and took a picture rather than take the not-empty bottle of wine off my two-year old.

It’s all about priorities.



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A Timely Reminder

Since the Wee Man was born, I have already felt some of the fear and pain associated with infertility seeping out of me. Now that we have our precious boy safe and sound, I can feel more confident that when we decide to get back on the TTC wagon we will once again be successful. In IF terms, we had a pretty easy ride the first time along – we were successful with only our second medicated cycle. It’s no guarantee of course, but I know that with a little help my body can conceive and carry a child, and that’s reassuring. (My body doesn’t seem to know how to deliver a child, but that’s a story for another post!)

In the early hours of this morning though, I had a reminder of just how sad and scared I felt back at the beginning of this pregnancy. When I started bleeding a few days after our positive pregnancy test, my husband was at a work training course. I called him in tears, and he was understandably upset. We both thought our dream was over.

This training course was a pretty big deal for H. He had waited a long time to get a place on it, and it was a compulsory step in order to move his career in the direction he desired. H confided in two of the instructors, who gave him some wonderful support and advice and promptly sent him home to me, reassuring H that his absence would be ‘unofficial’ and would not affect the completion of the course.

In the early hours of this morning as I lay in bed in the heat, trying to fall back to sleep after feeding my beautiful little fellow, I checked my emails on my phone. H had forwarded me two emails – replies from the two instructors to an email H had sent them letting them know that Will had arrived safely.

It brought tears to my eyes. Firstly for the kindness they showed H at that difficult time, and for how genuinely pleased they are for us now. Secondly because in reading what H wrote to them in his thank you I was reminded of just how awful those few days were. My big tough man who rarely gets sad had described himself as ‘heartbroken’.

And now, as I hear my babe waking from his morning nap, I am reminded of just how lucky we are.

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The Case of the Disappearing Doctor

Well, H and I both survived our hectic weekend. Unfortunately we were both so exhausted that we did have somewhat short fuses, and there was a little bickering at times, which isn’t ideal when the MIL is visiting! Luckily we didn’t let ourselves get too carried away.

The Labour/Birth and Postnatal classes on Saturday went well – although we both found that we were having trouble concentrating by the end of the day – but I think they were worthwhile. Most of what we were learnt wasn’t new to me, but there were a couple of new things I picked up and it was good to get a refresher on the rest. Even H felt like he knew a lot of what was covered but I certainly feel more comfortable knowing that we’ve been to the classes. Now there’s just the Breastfeeding class at the end of the month, and we’ll be fully accredited parents, ha!

On Sunday we spent the whole afternoon baby shopping with H’s mum. I think this irritated H a little – he likes to be in-and-out when it comes to shopping. He’s very goal-oriented and hates to browse. He started to get a little ‘titchy’ when his mother or I made suggestions or if he didn’t think we were paying enough attention to his suggestions. He just didn’t understand that a giant baby shop is like fantasy-land to a pregnant lady and a soon-to-be-grandmother. Part of the reason we were there was to enjoy this fantasy, even if we knew that all our hypothesising and grand plans were unrealistic. I mean really, did he think I was actually going to buy the $1,900 cot? 

H’s mother was undergoing treatment for bowel cancer while we were planning our wedding, and was taking a lot of pain medications during the wedding itself and she told me that some of the evening is very vague to her. For that reason it was terribly important to her that she be able to be actively involved in planning for this baby. Once I explained that to H he loosened up a little and let us wander around ohh-ing and ahh-ing at baby clothes. The good news is that we now have our cot – still in its packaging and currently living underneath our sofa bed. This was a gift from H’s parents and I know his mother will love knowing that her grandchild is sleeping safely in a cot that she helped choose. We also bought a changing mat and a swivel changing base to go on top of the baby’s dresser. I love it so much! We’re still waiting for this to arrive but once it does I’ll set it up and take a picture for you.

Today we had our 28 week check-up. It started badly. First, H had an important event on at work. His plan was to try to be there for the appointment but he couldn’t guarantee it. This would have been fine – except that it rained today. All morning. And Melburnians do NOT know how to drive in the rain. I forgot to take this in to account and ended up running late to the appointment. If my darling H had been driving he would have got us there in time – he’s pretty impressive behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, when I did arrive at the hospital (already 15 minutes late) I was greeted by a big fat CAR PARK FULL sign and an attendant who wouldn’t let me in. I was forced to drive around and around (in heavy traffic) looking for a parking space. There were none. In the end I parked in a 15 minutes loading zone and hoped for the best, while running through the rain towards the hospital.

And what did I see when I arrived at my doctor’s office? H’s big, beautiful blue eyes looking up at me from the waiting room couch. Bliss!! It was kinda funny though… H wears a suit to work, but his job requires him to carry a gun. Because he was technically ‘at work’ he came to the appointment ‘fully loaded’, so to say! I’d never even seen a real gun until the first day I saw him all kitted out with his holster, so to be sitting 2 inches away from a gun while in my obstetrician’s office was a little odd. Good on our doc though, he didn’t even bat an eyelid!

Most of the news at the check up was good. Bert’s heartbeat sounded as perfect as ever, my fundus is measuring appropriately, and the OB could tell that Bert has his head down, his back up my left side, his bum under my left ribs (that explains the ache) and his feet under my right ribs. My blood test results are not so great. There’s nothing too serious going on, and he confirmed that I did pass my GTT (whew!). Unfortunately my iron stores are low (my Ferritin is only 6 – yikes!) and although my haemoglobin is in the acceptable range for pregnancy, it’s lower than it’s ever been for me in the past. And… my prolactin has doubled since it was last tested (at about 20 weeks). We knew that my prolactin would increase in pregnancy, but the hard part is deciding how high is too high. There are no “normal” ranges for a woman with a prolactinoma in pregnancy.

In terms of the prolactin, my OB wants me to go back to see my Endocrinologist again. He thinks that I should at least get my visual fields formally tested to make sure there hasn’t been growth of the tumour causing it to affect the optic nerve. The serious downside to this is that if my Endocrinologist does think I need to start treatment (which would happen after the baby is born) it would make it absolutely impossible to breastfeed. Sigh.

The last time I saw my Endocrinologist he mentioned that his office was moving. Yesterday when I tried to call him all the numbers were changed or disconnected. I called the hospital were he was based and they too had an old number for him. I can’t find him listed online at all. So…  how on earth do I get in touch with him?

The upshot of my iron deficiency is that I have to start eating more red meat (I’m not much of a meat eater) and if that doesn’t work I’ll need to start iron supplements. H was quite excited about the prospect of red meat every day! When I discussed this with my dad (because he likes to be kept in the loop after every OB appointment) he was quite concerned and thought that with a Ferritin of 6 I should have been starting the iron tabs straight away. Apparently a baby born low in ferritin has twice the likelihood of needing to be admitted to hospital in the first 12 months of life with infective illness than one born with adequate stores. In the end we agreed that I’ll try to improve my dietary intake, get retested at 34 weeks, and start the tablets then if I need to.

And after my appointment yesterday I came home and made myself a steak sandwich for lunch. What an obediant girl I am!

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Bone Tired

Night shift is over for this week, and I’m completely shattered. This weekend will be very busy too. I got home from work this morning, had a two-hour nap, and since then have been tidying the house for my mother-in-law’s imminent arrival. Tomorrow we have our labour/delivery and early parenting classes. That means I have to stay awake and concentrate from 9 until 5, and of course after that we will be entertaining the MIL. Luckily I get on well with my MIL and she won’t be particularly demanding, but I already know I’m going to be completely pooped. I’m so physically tired that I can barely keep myself upright while I type this, and MIL and a family friend are due any minute. H is stuck late at work so I’ll be doing the hosting solo until he gets home.

Sunday will be lovely but again not very restful. It’s our day to be out and about doing baby-related things with H’s mum. She’s so excited about this baby and this is her only visit during the pregnancy so she will want to make the most of it.

And then next week I get to do night shift all over again. Eight days straight – that’s 80 hours of work in a week. The only silver lining (and it’s pretty small) is that I have finished working at the location where I was seconded for the last 6 months and which was almost an hour’s drive away. From next week I’ll be back at my home base, just a 10 minute walk from home. I figure that will work out to at least an extra hour of sleep a day!

Tomorrow marks 28 weeks of pregnancy, which means that today is my final day of the second trimester. It depends somewhat which source you use, but I’m basing the end of the 2nd T at 27 weeks completed, which is what my father informs me is correct. And I guess he would know, since he’s been looking after pregnant women for longer than I’ve been alive. And even if he’s wrong, there’d be no convincing him of it 😉

~ ~ ~

Third trimester. Holy moly.

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Ten Years, Two Years

Today marks ten years since I saw you walk around the corner of a university corridor and felt weak at the knees. Ten years ago today I first understood what the saying “blush to the root of your hair” meant. Ten years ago today that awkward dance started in which we tried to avoid each other all the while hoping to bump into each other, in which we argued over discussion topics while the rest of our university class watched on, in which we disguised attraction as irritation, and during which I never stopped thinking about you. Ten years ago today marks the start of the five long months it took us to figure out that we were meant to be together. Forever.

Ten years ago today marks the day I fell in love at first sight.

Two years ago today we promised to love, respect, and be true to each other for the rest of our lives. Two years ago we ate the world’s best wedding cake, we laughed and cried, and we danced to “At Last” by Etta James.

And now we celebrate our anniversary, as we anticipate adding a third to our family… at last.



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A Mother’s Love

My mother’s visit was lovely. We got out and about and did all sorts of things (my mother is the most active person I know). By then end of the four days I was totally exhausted! The exhaustion was worth it though. Mum hates it that there is an ocean separating us, and she truly lives for these visits. I think she finds it particularly hard at the moment, and would love to be here and able to get actively involved, but she was so thrilled to arrive and see my bump and to get involved in some planning for the baby.

My mother bought us a chest of drawers for the baby’s room, which I’m going to use as the change table, and the two of us put it together with the help of an electric screw-driver and a hammer. We were very satisfied with the result, and the drawers are now filled with baby paraphernalia which was previously stacked on the floor of the spare room. She also brought two important items with her, the moses basket I ordered from NZ, and the cardigan she has knitted which the baby will wear home from the hospital (hopefully we don’t have an unseasonably warm spring or the poor thing might get a tad hot!). Together Mum and I chose a button to finish off the cardigan, and the moses basket is currently stuffed full of soft toys and sitting on the chest of drawers.

We also stumbled upon the perfect nappy bag, and at a stellar price, so we were thrilled with that find.

I’m late getting my 22 week picture up, but it will be posted this afternoon, I promise.


In unrelated, and heartbreaking news, Rebecca has just suffered a terrible loss. Please head over to her blog to offer your support.


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Adelaide, and what we did there

We arrived back in Melbourne tonight after four action-packed days in Adelaide – consisting mainly of sleeping in, napping, watching television in bed, and eating! We did actually get out of the hotel to do some sightseeing, I promise. Relaxation was always, however, one of our main goals, and it was greatly facilitated by the fact that we had a huuuuge suite. Honestly, it was bigger than the first apartment we had together, had a kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, and most importantly a king-sized bed. With a husband who is almost 6′ 7″, I appreciated every extra inch of space! 
We agreed when we booked this trip that the focus would be R&R and quality couple time. We’ve both had a hectic year so far, and we wanted to make the most of some time together as a childless couple, while it lasts. October is going to bring about some massive changes, and I imagine it may be quite some time (at a guess, 25 years?) before we can have a holiday on our own again. And we both truly enjoyed ourselves. To be honest, H did have to provide a little encouragement to keep me on track, but I was surprised at how easy it was to give up the jam-packed, super-scheduled sightseeing bonanza that is my usual modus operandi on these type of excursions. Although the second trimester has been fairly kind to me so far, I definitely don’t have the stamina that I did in the days before Bert, and to be honest I think that helped ensure that H and I got just the right amount of rest each day to feel somewhat rejuvenated on our return. 
I feel like H has really bonded with the baby now (well, as much as is possible when considering a not-quite-fully-formed creature who you can’t truly interact with). I think the first trimester was difficult for him. He had to contend with an emotional, pukey wife without any real evidence that there was a baby in there. Obviously he knew intellectually that I was pregnant, but it took longer for him to make that emotional connection. (It took me about, oh… three seconds or so). Seeing the baby on ultrasounds has helped H make that connection that this is his child, but I think that having a more obvious baby belly has really made it seem so much more real for him.  I had a growth spurt between 20 and 21 weeks, and when H got back from NZ last week, he was amazed at how pregnant I looked. He honestly walked up to me at the airport with his mouth hanging open. The following night we went out for dinner and drinks with friends for his 31st birthday, and he was so proud showing off my little belly.
The joy he seems to get from this more obvious display of his ability to knock me up (ah hum, with some assistance) continued during our stay in Adelaide, and was in fact solidified because he felt a few subtle movements as Bert jived around in there late at night while we cruised in the giant bed. I got the sense that he really enjoyed walking around with me with my belly on display (I should clarify, not fully on display, as I generally wore clothes when we left the suite), and he played the part of protective husband and father-to-be very well. 
My mother arrives tomorrow for some quality mother-daughter-bump time, so it will be a few more days before I can post again, but in the meantime, here is some evidence that I did in fact leave the hotel… 

Adelaide Arcade


  ** Photo Removed **        


Glenelg Beach


 And yes, even though this is supposed to be an anonymous blog, I’ve put up some less-than-anonymous pics, which may or may not come down again next week.      

And just in case you were worried about me exerting myself too much, here is one final photo, courtesy of H:          


** Photo Removed **     


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