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Interior Designing

I’m supposed to be studying, which of course means I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest and Polyvore far too much.

We’ve started working on ideas for Will’s room once we transition some of the baby items out for his sibling, and of course I’ve been thinking about the baby’s room too!

I have come up with a few hastily thrown together mood boards which I thought I’d share, with the aim that eventually I’ll post before and after pics.

Will's Big Boy Room

Will has a couple of beautiful, colourful handmade quilts that I really want to show off on his new bed. I’ve also been searching high and low for navy and white striped bed sheets but to no avail.

A few items have already been decided on or purchased (like the bed and the posters) and some others are still a work in progress. I’m not sure about the bunting – I need to something on the wall or ceiling above his bed to replace the baby mobile which has already come down, but I’m just not sure if bunting feels right. I plan to recover the chair in his room (which has been yellow since I recovered it for his nursery) in either navy blue or kelly green, or a combination.

The quilts contain lots of colours so really any colour will go in the room, but I want to focus on the slightly more grown up navy and dark green that you can see in this board.


Baby girl nurseryBaby boy nursery

The new babe will be inheriting Will’s cot and changing table, and the Ikea chair which is the partner to the chair in Will’s room and is currently packed away in storage. There really aren’t any furniture decision to be made, so these boards focus on the colour schemes I’m currently contemplating. Nothing will get purchased until we find out the baby’s sex in a week or so – but then I might go online shopping crazy!

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The Big T-W-O

Despite being cold and wet the day before, the day of Will’s second birthday party was perfect outdoor barbecue weather.  We kept it small, with three of Will’s friends and their parents, plus my in-laws who were staying with us for a week. It was a great afternoon.

Fairy bread. With the exception of two slices, Will ate the entire plate of it before we realised what was happening. This was the last slice, disappearing down the hatch!

Will’s face lit up when he saw the cake. Not sure whether it was the digger or the chocolate but he sure was happy!

Yes, this happened. And yes, like any good mother I grabbed the camera and took a picture rather than take the not-empty bottle of wine off my two-year old.

It’s all about priorities.


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Gettin’ My Craft On

It’s T-7 days until Will’s (very small and simple) birthday barbecue so I have been getting busy making a few small things to personalise the event.

I’m still waiting for some stuff that I’ve ordered to arrive (please get here on time, please) but I’m keeping it pretty simple so hopefully there won’t be a last minute panic to get things done. Because, you know, I just don’t do last minute panic 😉

Will loves all things vehicular, particularly construction vehicles, so there’s a very loose theme based around construction vehicles and the colours navy, orange, white and grey.


Party bag tags

And I’m going to attempt a cake inspired by this, but with a blue digger on top (if it arrives in time, that is).

I’m going to throw a whole stack of kids toys in one end of the courtyard, and a bucket ‘o beer at the other for the adults. There are going to be lots of balloons  because, well, they’re easy, cheap and effective, and I’m lazy. Everybody pray for good weather because I can’t imagine how we’ll fit everyone in our small living area if it rains.


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Polyvore Love

Dana over at House*Tweaking recently introduced me to Polyvore.

An unhealthy addiction has since been formed 🙂


Living Room


Master Bedroom

A little bit of hypothetical interior design is way more important that study, right?

Has anybody else jumped on the Polyvore bandwagon?


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The Two Week Wait

No, not that two week wait.

Tomorrow marks two weeks until my exams start. And this TWW is going to be oh-so-painful. I’ve been studying since February and a few weeks ago I ran out of steam. I just don’t want to do it anymore, but there is so much still to learn.

I don’t think I’m going to pass. Which isn’t the end of the world – I can sit again in April (you know, once I pay another $3,000 for the privilege) – but it still doesn’t feel good. I know my colleagues and supervisors are expecting me to pass. My family are expecting me to pass. I’ve never not passed anything in my life.

The problem with not passing is that I will have to sacrifice another 6 months to intensive study. Six months I’d rather spend reconnecting up with all my long-neglected friends, devoting some time to my relationship, trying to get better at my job. Six months during which I’d rather spend more of my time with this fellow:


I miss this kid.

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Change – Part I

Next year everything changes.

I haven’t really written about my plans for next year, partly because I find it hard to carve out time to sit down and write a post (as opposed to tweeting which can be done on-the-go from my phone) and partly because I’ve been struggling with some pretty serious ambivalence about what 2012 will mean for me and my family.

In summary: a new house in a new suburb, a new job, new childcare arrangements, new study commitments… all of which leaves me feeling a like there’ll be very little left in my life from the last 14 wonderful months.

In the middle of this year I applied for a job – a very competitive and sought after training position at a hospital on the other side of town. I applied partly because I felt like I should – not a good reason, I’ll grant you (and it would take too many paragraphs to explain why I feel that way, if I even could) – but also because I do truly want to take this step in my career. This is where the ambivalence kicks in – I want the job, but I don’t want what it will mean for my life for the next five years (which is the length of the training program – at a minimum).

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get the job. During my interview the director of training was pretty blunt about the difficulties of the role when I had a child at home (this was the first question they asked me – yes, I know they technically aren’t allowed to discriminate) and about the relative mediocrity of my previous academic record (average to above average grades, although in a very competitive field). I left the interview sure I would not gain the position.

When they called me the following day to offer me the job I was forced to abruptly face the realities of the situation: turn down the job knowing I would almost certainly never be offered the role again, or accept the job and say goodbye to so many of the things I love about my life.

I hesitated for a fraction of a second and then accepted the job.

On an intellectual level it’s a no-brainer. It’s a position on the training program that I’ve always wanted to be on; in 5 years time (if I make it!) I will leave the program with a fantastic career, one that has the potential to be both lucrative and family-friendly. This is the job that will enable me to send Will to private school, to take annual overseas trips, to provide him with opportunities he might otherwise miss out on. Out of the diverse career field I am in this is the job that I think I am best suited to and will most enjoy.


This job will mean a 40 to 50 hour working week. It will mean major study commitments with some pretty serious exams – the first set in September next year. It means moving in order to be closer to my base hospital. It means overtime, nightshift, and weeks rostered to out-of-town locations.

How the hell do I do that and still manage to maintain any semblance of the close relationship I currently share with Will? Where will I find the energy to continue nurturing my marriage? When will I have time for any self-care activities like yoga? How do we care for Will when both of us have jobs that involve working odd or extended hours?


How the hell are we ever going to have another kid?

That’s the big one for me. The reality that this fertility-impaired girl might have to wait until she’s 36 to try for more kids. I can’t ignore what 5 more years is going to do to my fertility. It’s that uncertainty coupled with the knowledge that I will only be able to spend a fraction of the time I currently do with my son that makes me feel almost sick every time I think about it. I haven’t even returned my contract because that would just make it seem too real, too final.

Holy crap, what have I gotten myself in for?


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Fathers’ Non-Day and the Pinterest Challenge

Tomorrow is Fathers’ Day in this corner of the world.

Unfortunately H is working all weekend, so it will sort of be a non-day in this household. To be honest I think I’m more upset about it than he is, but I still wish we could do something special as a family. However, we will make of it what we can. H has conveniently already bought himself a (rather expensive!) present to mark the occasion, which doesn’t leave me with much to do. I’m going to make him a yummy lunch with all his favourite things and drop it off to him at work, but I also wanted him to have a little present he could open.

I was inspired by Christina‘s pin and have made a photo montage for H, but instead of framing it I had it printed on a mug for H to use at work. Conveniently, this little project can double as my entry in the Pinterest Challenge!

Step 1: Bought chunky cardboard letters to spell out D-A-D, and some spray paint.

Step 2: Painted them! This was so much easier and less messy than I anticipated. (I also painted some other items for a different project.)

Step 3: Set up a little ‘mini-studio’ in Will’s room using a black back-drop, gave Will one letter at a time and started snapping!

Step 4: Chose the best shots (this was the hardest part because Will wasn’t having a particularly smiley day!) and used GIMP to merge the photos. (Check out the ‘A’ photo – how could I not love that cheeky little monkey?)

Step 5: Got online at and ordered the mug! Simple!

In retrospect I would have made the photo smaller – and perhaps put one on each side of the mug – so that the entire word DAD could be read from one angle. But! I’m still happy with the outcome. I hope H will be too. It’s a little corny… but then isn’t that what Fathers’ Day is all about?


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