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Wordless Wednesday: Two Months


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37 Week Comparison

Here I am at 37 weeks (taken just over a week ago), compared to 36 weeks (on the left) and 38 weeks (on the right) last time around.

37 weeks collage

36 and 38 weeks 2010

I’m pretty sure of two things: my belly is bigger and my boobs are droopier.


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20 Week Comparison

It’s time for another comparison – 20 weeks pregnant 2013 versus 20 weeks pregnant 2010.

(These pics are 4 weeks old, but who’s counting, right? This baby is just lucky I’m remembering to do any belly photos at all.)

20 Weeks 2010

20 Week 2010

20 Weeks 2013

20 Weeks 2013


April 6, 2013 · 4:38 pm

Comparisons (warning: belly shots)

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m bigger, earlier, this time around. Part of that is to do with the fact that I started off this pregnancy at the heaviest I’ve ever been (non-pregnant) and part of it is that traditionally women tend to show earlier with second pregnancies – I guess it has something to do with the (lack of) integrity of our abdominal wall 🙂

Whatever the reason, at 13 weeks I’m struggling to fit in to any of my normal clothes. Even relatively loose t-shirts are straining across my belly.

So, in the interests of full disclosure (actually, just to try to convince Kate to do that same) I’m posting comparison pics of my 12 week bellies.

2010: 12 weeks

2010: 12 weeks

2013: 12 weeks

2013: 12 weeks

As you can see, I’m just a little larger this time around 🙂

In fact, I look more like I did at 16 weeks.

2013: 12 weeks

2013: 12 weeks

2010: 16 weeks

2010: 16 weeks

So c’mon Kate, your turn!


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The Big T-W-O

Despite being cold and wet the day before, the day of Will’s second birthday party was perfect outdoor barbecue weather.  We kept it small, with three of Will’s friends and their parents, plus my in-laws who were staying with us for a week. It was a great afternoon.

Fairy bread. With the exception of two slices, Will ate the entire plate of it before we realised what was happening. This was the last slice, disappearing down the hatch!

Will’s face lit up when he saw the cake. Not sure whether it was the digger or the chocolate but he sure was happy!

Yes, this happened. And yes, like any good mother I grabbed the camera and took a picture rather than take the not-empty bottle of wine off my two-year old.

It’s all about priorities.


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Wordless Wednesday: Fun in the Sun


October 10, 2012 · 12:27 pm

Polyvore Love

Dana over at House*Tweaking recently introduced me to Polyvore.

An unhealthy addiction has since been formed 🙂


Living Room


Master Bedroom

A little bit of hypothetical interior design is way more important that study, right?

Has anybody else jumped on the Polyvore bandwagon?


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