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A Slightly Foxy Nursery

A Foxy Nursery
Those of you who follow me on Twitter may remember this Polyvore set that I created months and months ago.
Well, below is the finished product: MJ’s slightly foxy nursery.
nursery collageThe crib skirt, mobile, and fox art above the changing table are home-made. Much of the furniture and some accessories are from Ikea, much of which we already had. I lined the simple bookcase with striped wrapping paper. The changing pad cover, fox pillow, mustache cushion, and fox print (I bought a series of six different animals) are from various Etsy sellers. The moses basket is the same one we used for Will, and the fox blanket is from Dwell Studios.
A one month old MJ makes a guest appearance!


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37 Week Comparison

Here I am at 37 weeks (taken just over a week ago), compared to 36 weeks (on the left) and 38 weeks (on the right) last time around.

37 weeks collage

36 and 38 weeks 2010

I’m pretty sure of two things: my belly is bigger and my boobs are droopier.


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Polyvore Love

Dana over at House*Tweaking recently introduced me to Polyvore.

An unhealthy addiction has since been formed 🙂


Living Room


Master Bedroom

A little bit of hypothetical interior design is way more important that study, right?

Has anybody else jumped on the Polyvore bandwagon?


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Wordless Wednesday

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011


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A Working Mother

My wee man is almost four months old. In 4 days I go back to work, and I’m dreading it. It’s only one 10-hour shift a week, but I’m dreading it.

I’m going back to a job that I don’t love, because I worked too bloody hard and spent too many years at university to give it away now. If I keep my foot in the door going back to full-time work in 2012 will be so much easier. Perhaps not a good reason, but somehow I feel it’s what I should do.

I worry that I’m not going to be terribly committed to my work (hell, I wasn’t that committed even before wee man came along) and the control freak part of me is anxious about someone else looking after my guy for 10 hours straight. I felt more comfortable with the idea when H was going to be looking after Will, but a recent change in job situation means he will only be able to do that for the first two weeks or so.  Finding a place in a child care centre on this short notice is impossible (Will is on a waiting list that is about a year long). Finding a private nanny who was happy with only one day of work seemed daunting – and while I’m comfortable having Will cared for by friends or family I don’t like the idea of stranger looking after my guy. We have no family here, so unfortunately there isn’t a grandmother available to care for him while I’m at work.  We’re lucky that a family friend with three teenage children was considering returning to work one day a week. She loves Will and was thrilled when I asked if she would like to care for him. But to be totally honest I still don’t love the idea.

I don’t NEED to go back. My pay will only cover child care and some pocket-money (now that we will be paying for childcare the financial benefit of returning to work is almost nil). For some reason though, I feel like people will be disappointed in me if I choose to be 100% a SAHM. And part of me wonders if I might not enjoy that day of adulthood… but I get teary just thinking about it.

I have to admit, I’m a little stressed about this transition – there just seem to be so many unknowns. I’m comfortable in my current situation; Will and I have our routine and we cope really well and have a great time (mostly!). Ten hours is a long time to be away from my precious fellow – how will I cope? I’m worried that there might be an impact on my breast milk supply. I’m not sure how I am going to fit three pumping session into my work day – and I have no idea where I’m going to do it. I’m worried that my performance at work will be sub-par, and the effect this would have on my career aspirations. I worry that the change in routine might adversely effect Will’s behaviour. How will he cope with someone else putting him down for naps, for example?

I know that the likelihood is that in a few weeks we will have settled into a new routine and going to work will not seem such a big deal. But until then I reserve the right to be anxious!


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A terrible tragedy in unfolding in my home country of New Zealand. An earthquake has struck Christchurch with multiple collpased buildings during a busy working day. Many people have died and many more are trapped.

Please send your thoughts to the people of this stricken city.

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4 Weeks, 1024 photos, 245 new emails, 273 unread items in google reader, 2 tired parents, and 1 cranky baby

We got back from our holiday late last night. We had a blast (except for a few SIL/MIL issues). Stories and photos to follow at a later date. Knowing me, probably much later!

Will is growing and developing in leaps and bounds. On our last night in New Zealand he rewarded us for taking him on this trip by sleeping through the night for the first time.

Unfortunately with the time change and yesterday’s flight home today Will is less than his best. But who can blame him? After 4 weeks living out of suitcases and only 4 hours sleep last night I’m not exactly a barrel of monkeys either.

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